Exam Review Seminar

PHHA Apprentice Review Seminar

Exam review classes are held the day prior to the state exam each April and October in Harrisburg, PA.


PHHA is pleased to offer an intense ONE-DAY review course that is specifically geared to helping you pass the tough Pennsylvania fitter’s exam. This course features a very practical SAMPLE EXAMINATION, and focuses on the subjects, nature and style of the actual test.

The apprentice Review Class is designed to help apprentice fitters with final preparation for the state hearing exam required to be a registered hearing aid fitter in the state of Pennsylvania. This exam review is held in Harrisburg the day before the state exam and is designed to review needed material to help apprentices pass the exam the following day. 

This exam review seminar offers informative course material presented by longtime Pennsylvania hearing aid fitters who have over 50 years of collective industry experience and are familiar with the subjects you need to concentrate on. While this course does not attempt to substitute for the training your sponsor is expected to provide, it does realistically cover the topics included in the examination.

Faculty share decades of industry experience and have passed this difficult exam themselves and bring to the seminar the experience YOU NEED to pass it.

After working hard and studying for six months under their mentor, apprentices should be well prepared to take the state exam. The state exam covers a lot of material, and this class is designed to provide focus for the exam and review topics most likely to be on the exam. 

  • Not everyone is used to taking long exams, so a portion of the day will be spent on good, well documents, test taking skills.
  • Material likely to be on the exam will also be reviewed and the students will then take an actual exam similar in nature to the state exam they will experience the following day.
  • Before leaving for the afternoon, the answers to the practice exam will be reviewed one by one and plenty of time will be allowed for discussion on each question.

This class is an excellent way to provide summary to all of the material apprentices have been learning over the past six months and to give focus to that material for the state exam the following day. Please click on the link below to print out a registration form and to learn more. 


Please contact David Kauffman at PHHA@centurylink.net for more information.


2024 April Exam Review Information

Date: THURSDAY, October 24, 2024 

Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Location: Hilton Garden Inn
Harrisburg, PA